Thursday, April 2, 2009

124 Better Blind Singers Than Scott MacIntyre

So as many of you have noticed, and confronted me about, I have not been blogging about American Idol this season.

While I have watched and taken extensive notes on every episode with the full intension of blogging about them, the problem is that due to circumstances beyond my control I am not able to watch the shows until Thursday or Friday each week and I figure that by then anything I might have to say would be old news.

So I figure unless you all tell me that you still want me to do a well-after-the-fact blog at the end of each week I think I will start doing some occasional Idol related posts like the following.

For all of you non-Idol watchers Scott MacIntyre, seen here...

Sorry, here...

Even creepier, am I right? a creepy looking and absolutely atrocious singer who remains on Idol week after week over far more talented competition due to the simple fact that he is blind.

Lord knows that if you have talked to Traci or me over the past couple of months then you have heard us rant about how bad he is.

I sat down with the intention of railing away at how Scott is far and away the worst singer I have seen on Idol in years. Unfortunately for me you never know who, in this overly PC culture of ours, might take offense at my criticizing someone with a handicap.

Therefore I will now be presenting you with a list, in no particular order, of visually impaired individuals who are better singers than Scott MacIntyre.


1. Blind Lemon Jefferson

2. Ray Charles

3. Pad Thai Kriengsak

4. Sean Camille
I greatly regret having no photo of Sean, but if you went to La Tech between 1994 and 2001 you know who I am talking about. Does anyone still have the recordings of him singing "Dudley Girls" or "Gumbo Games"?

5. Col. Milk-Eye Pennyfeather, Esq

6. Blind Willie McTell

7. Stevie Wonder

8. Blind Kitteh

9-11. Various Artists

Seriously now, who didnt see that coming?
If you answered Scott MacIntyre, you would be correct!

12. Robert Bradley

Of Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise.

13. Blind Boy Fuller

Seriously, who is blinding all these black folk?

14-18. Blind Melon

The whole damned band! Even the dead one.

19. Ronnie Milsap

Yes, even ronnie Milsap is better than Scott

20. Blind Joe Reynolds

It's an epidemic.

21-25. The Scott MacIntyre Players Childrens Choir

26. Daredevil

27. The Mentalist...

 the Episode "Dead Man Walking."

28. Sonny Terry

Is Obama even looking into this?

29. Megan Corkrey

Okay, so she may not be blind, but she has killer dance moves and could out sing Scott MacIntyre while actually blinding herself with a spork.

And finally...

30-124. The Faculty, Staff and Residents of the Louisiana Center For The Blind

This number is of course a rough estimate.

The End.

Let me know what you all want me to about the Idol blog.

Hope you all have a great weekend!